In order to meet the expectations of our customers, we have created in cooperation with local decorators an offer of arrangement of spots where you can organize parties.

EVENTSWe make every effort to make this special day the most ceremonial, so we created an additional offer containing creation of a unique mood in place, where you will be staying.
Depending on the occasion, we will propose the appropriate arrangements. Based on our experience, we know how important every detail is, therefore we will be arranging for your space in every detail with a great passion. From floral arrangements, color arrangement of tables, romantic candles, an occasional cake, an appropriate choice of menu, music, to small gifts for your guests. We can also provide you with a professional photo session, which will eternize the wonderful time spent in Portugal.

We provide special and unusual:

  • Weddings under water and on the beach, in historical palaces, small farms or in taverns,
  • Events on boats and yachts, on a plane or in the "magical" tram in Lisbon,
  • Each location chosen by you, we can decorate according to your suggestions.

We arrange the space to make the world even more beautiful!

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