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If you can’t stand the tiredness of the work, if you want to do something really crazy and the best, with your friends... here it is, Portugal gives the respite!

The atmosphere of this country encourages to relaxation,nobody hurries here, people always take their time to see you through or recommend a place for a dinner. Even not knowing their language you can easily feel their heartfelt attitude towards tourists. During the sunny summer days, when everyone tries to hide from the sun, shadow gives the respite. Atmosphere of the evenings becomes high repair, due to not the temperature of air but warm Portuguese hearts.

Lisbon is also a great place to hold an unforgettable bachelorette party. An interesting concert, then party until the dawn in one of the popular clubs in Lisbon. A little sightseeing, and most of all, spending time with best friends, girlfriends, sisters, cousins ... Chatting over cup of coffee, which is absolutely delicious here, or sunbathing on one of the beautiful beaches on the Atlantic Ocean.
There is really lot of the option to choose... FRIENDSm

Or maybe you enjoy shopping no longer as it used to, and you have a real desire for shopping in the truly sales? Lisbon is a perfect place to let yourself dive into the shopping. The prices seem to be lower than in most of the European capitals. Late summer is the right time. Hunting for the sales really begins, in the world famous boutiques where the magical atmosphere of the city will let you spend a really good time.
We offer you a wide range of activities in this wonderful city. There is no room for boredom over here. Good organization of time of amusement ensures that the trip will be an unforgettable experience.

"Beer with mates"
Friend’s bachelor party is coming and no idea how to make it legendary?
Well, here it is, city of Lisbon the city of temperament, which is waiting for you to conquer it. We have a lot of entertainment options here: really big bars and discos, and small trendy bars and pubs, each of them with its own distinct climate, nay, we have even a district Party, called Bairro Alto, where a life begins at late night, the narrow streets are beginning to fill up with people. It’s not too late to start at midnight. Portuguese live music, Brazilian samba, rock sounds or party with DJ and worldwide known hits Everyone will finds a place with favorite music.

In order to actively fulfill your stay in Lisbon, we have for you a catamaran cruise in the company of dolphins, wild ride through the narrow streets of the old town by bicycles or vehicles called GoCar. We also have a Jeep safari, a visit to one of many Portuguese vineyards combined with testing of locally produced wine and much, much more.
Or maybe you prefer football game?
Everybody recognise the clubs like Benfica and Sporting, often hosting top European opponents. And thanks to the Portuguese temperament and great football heart, every game is an adventure, the football ststadiums are well prepared and the atmosphere in the stands triggers positive emotions only.

Rich and exquisite Portuguese cuisine refills you with new energy. A glass of good wine makes your blood running faster. In Portugal, during hot summers, beer is also a very popular. Although it tastes different than in Poland, but perfectly quenches thirst. It is served in small chilled glasses of volume 0.33l so you can enjoy its test and temperature down to the last drop. Optionally, one can opt for a glass of cold wine.


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